We are bisexual and we are proud

In general, each person's sexual orientation is confirmed at the time of birth. I believe that man is always in constant progress, in the past, gay and lesbian is thought to be wrong, even was mistakenly thinking that's not a sexual orientation, but with the change of the concept of people, continuous improvement, a lot of people have changed their minds and begin to accept gay and lesbian. Now, a much larger community began to appear, and bisexual people, just like at the beginning of gay and lesbian, people haven't had time to accept the bisexual. 

Not long ago, for bisexual people, because can't be good to accept, also can't be understood, they also live in the fringes of society, even a lot of bisexual women or men don't know how to look for other bisexual friends, bisexual dating advice is true for the difficult things. Although a lot of bisexual singles can find a way to date other bisexual, but because of the prejudices of others, bisexual people still can not free appointment. Even some bisexual dating sites, also can't completely solve their problems, but these bi dating sites can also solve the problem of their dating, meet bisexual friends to help them. 

In fact, most bisexual people are well aware of their sexual orientation, is also very clear what they like, they understand both their own love a man, like a woman again. Bisexual people are not confused, not all of the bi is very confused, a lot of bi is willing to accept their sexual orientation, and enjoy it, they think it is the true happiness. , of course, most of the bisexual men or women want to be able to have a stable relationship, or with other couples, or with other bisexual singles, a long-term stable relationship is what they want, that is why they hope to go to some bisexual dating site looking for friends. 

Now, bisexual is no longer a problem, a lot of bisexual freedom also got what they wanted, got the understanding of others, in their words "we are bisexual and we are proud." 

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