Bisexual discussion

In modern society, bisexual becomes more and more, maybe can say that a growing number of bisexual people choose to disclose their identity. Because bi can hide in a heterosexual population, also can hide in the gay community, we are difficult to find, unless of course they go out. Any a new thing in the early stage of development is a weak and being rejected, for bi as well. Bisexual people and men together at the same time, also with a woman. On the surface, bisexuals are under pressure to traditional morality, but in fact, bisexuals real threat more than that, it is a historic challenge to the traditional culture and system, it is the culture warriors, appears in the image of because looked from the present stage, bisexual violated our common sense.

A challenge to system, which is a challenge to the authority. However, from the perspective of natural science, the emergence of anything has its inevitability, has its own reason, before didn’t find the reason, only to control the things or blow just incompetent performance. And the rapid development of the bisexual shows that bi is the result of social development, is the outcome of human evolution. At the same time also proved that sexual orientation is the free development of human beings.

Although culture can decide a person’s sexual orientation, but after the bisexual people appear, bisexual orientation challenge and overcome the traditional cultural system, the freedom of choice for sexual orientation. This choice, it is human beings as freedom of choice, the impact of culture has disappeared, become the object of abandoned, bisexual became the winner.

Bisexual people thus become the symbol of the counterculture and representative. After they finally get their legal permission, traditional culture and the system is not restricted to. On the contrary, because of the existence of bisexual also affect its change. When the bisexual people completely get rid of the restriction of traditional history and culture, human society will usher in a new look, heterosexual, gay, bisexual coexistence time has come.

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