Bisexual orientation

The sexual orientation of main is divided into three categories, heterosexual orientation: a big interest to the opposite sex; Bisexual orientation: the straight and gay, have interest; Gay: for with their gender have great interest in the same individual.

Sexual orientation is not only involved in the body, more important is a person’s spiritual level. Sexual orientation can sometimes performance on the behavioral aspects and external features, also may be hidden, will not appear, especially bisexual people. A bisexual perhaps is attractive to men or women, but because of various reasons, they often choose a gender relationship, not for both gender pay feelings. Most bisexual couples, chooses the monogamous life, will not live together with other gay. Also has a small number of bisexual single, and heterosexual contacts at the same time, they also live and gay, and even other bisexual couples live together, but their lives are very normal, do not affect each other. This is the advantage of bisexual whether bisexual men, or bisexual women, either with a man together, can also be with a woman.

Their parents way of cultivating and had a sexual experience with gay youth period, these will not lead to a person’s bisexual orientation. A person’s sexual orientation will be affected by many factors, the influence of sexual orientation is environmental, emotional, hormone and some biological factors acting together. And for different people, the factors influencing sexual orientation is also each are not identical. Some people think that bisexuality is to belong to mental illness, this is a misunderstanding of bisexual, is caused by social prejudice and don’t understand, bisexual people like all people, all is normal, but their sexual orientation is different. For most people, their sexual orientation will become obvious during the period of adolescence and youth. Sexual orientation is not a simple choice in life, generally will not change.

Now, there are a lot of bisexual persons established some bisexual organization and bisexual threesome dating sites, for bisexual people rights, but also help them to find other bisexual friends, also with those who oppose the bisexual people doing the positive struggle, trying to eliminate the prejudice against bisexual. Bisexual people also can find the right partner through these organizations or sites, or go out and bisexual dating.

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