What’s bisexual

In our life, more than there are heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual other sexual orientation. There are a lot of people don’t know what’s bisexual, bisexual, refers to a kind of social members of both sexes are affectionate sexual orientation or sexual arousal. Simple says, is like a man, and like a woman, it is different from straight, it is also different from gay, belongs to the straight and gay a sexual orientation, both the characteristics of the straight, but also the characteristics of the gay.

The existence of long ago have bisexual, but at that time the bisexual hasn’t a clear definition. Early thought, at the same time with the straight and gay sex is bisexual people. But, in fact, life has a lot of people have with homosexual and heterosexual sex, reason is various, but this does not mean that these people are bisexual. With the progress of human civilization, understanding of bisexual people also more and more, the real bisexual is can be met by any one gender, they desire for same-sex physical and emotional needs are much lower than gay, they can get satisfy from the opposite sex.

Actually, now society to bisexual still exists a lot of misunderstanding, and even a lot of bisexual single cannot find a partner, they even did not dare to do, can only at home on some bisexual threesome dating sites looking for friends. Bisexual, is a normal sexual orientation, whether you are a straight, or gay, just because we are bisexual, disdain, insult. I believe that someday, bisexual people can also live a life of freedom and equality, they can free dating, love of freedom, freedom of life.

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