Bisexual people

In the mainstream society of the heterosexual people of bisexual people full of misunderstanding, and even many people discriminate against bisexual people. Even many bisexuality itself is full of doubt, why you are bisexual. If you are a bisexual, and has certain understanding to the bisexual, so you must have confidence in yourself, only you the correct understanding of bisexual, you can tell my family and friends, such ability can get recognition and respect for family and friends.

For most bisexual, aware of themselves as bisexual, is a slow process, there is a cognitive process. In general, not sure directly show the bisexual. And although there is a certain relationship with sex, sexual orientation, but it can’t decisive sex orientation is sentenced to qualitative orientation cannot be used as a standard. For a person’s sexual orientation, self-identification, more important is that you must remember. To be sure, sexual orientation is generally will not change, that is to say, if you are a bisexual guy or bisexual girl, then you will always remain so. But how to determine how your sexual orientation, show your sexuality is your choice.

As bisexual, determines the way we will be more difficult than others, what we need to learn more, also need to know more information. And making friends is also a problem, we need more bisexual friends, although some bisexual threesome dating sites can help us, but can’t solve our problems. But I believe that someday, bi can be respected by all.

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