Comen on bisexual

Many bisexual are saying, the community has a strong double sex discrimination, prejudice, I was suffocating in the life. And a lot of people like to call this “discrimination”, “bias”, “pressure” infinite zoom, make yourself unhappy. Take a look around us, discrimination, prejudice and pressure everywhere: the city discriminated against migrant workers, the rich look down on people who have money …… As for pressure, that is endless, it really only bisexual people have pressure on you ? Anyway, bisexual or designate himself in a small range only.

We live in an open era, bisexual organizations, bisexual singles club, bisexual threesome dating sites everywhere. Diversified ideas, feelings are the same and the possibility of presenting a different face, bisexual orientation is just one of them. Most people think of bisexuality, it is not moral, it’s just a matter of habit. For a long time, the mainstream heterosexual feelings, feelings are understood from this perspective, it is difficult to accept bisexual let them, they can not understand why both men together to be together with a woman. Bisexual feelings are not mainstream, we used to heterosexuality, which led to the bisexual accustomed to. This makes heterosexual people are not accustomed to develop into discrimination bisexual people, the so-called discrimination, prejudice resulting.

Whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, like the five fingers outstretched length is not the same, no big deal, just bisexual feelings in one. Always a form of affection, the world may not have a little monotonous, the world has always been toward the direction of diversification development. Feelings, regardless of gender, age, race, country, as long as mutual respect, in order to exhibit proper emotional beauty, the world will be full of love and hope.

Heterosexuals should be an appreciation and inclusive attitude of bisexuality. Some people with a moral attitude to look at bisexuality, in fact, is the concept of a Xianai, closed and backward. Criss-cross a wide variety of emotions intertwined, this reflects the feelings of deep cut social experience and respect. Bisexual friends should be active life, should not have negative emotions, you can go out with a bisexual dating regulate itself.

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