Bisexual girls, come on

Every girl in the mind more or less the plot of bisexual, girls and boys, girls between have a natural affinity and self-confidence. I love my girlfriend, and for those who have the characteristics of the girls, I love more add a kind of urgent desire, the desire to understand her, get to know her.

People is complex, is lovely. The so-called bisexual, is of two kinds of gender temperament. Girl love girl, is often out of appreciation, the girl love the boy, is often due to rely on. Woman fall in love with a man, usually with a request for the purpose of, ask for his love and power, but a man of a woman, too, have to pay. But it were not for the purpose, girl on girl, just feeling, just talk, chat, communication, is enough.

When I read middle school, my side has a lot of dress up very handsome classmate, they are girls, I always feel they are very attractive to me. And social consensus view is different, I think they are very good, very handsome, and I like very much, perhaps they are very clever, it is easy to contact. So, I slowly found, originally I was a bisexual girl. Then to bi don’t know, the Internet access to information, slowly know the bisexual what it means. To begin with, in fact, I also can’t accept, then through a bisexual dating site chat room, a friend who is also bisexual to enlighten me, I didn’t accept the fact that I am bisexual.

Today, still have a lot of bisexual girl like I was, did not dare to admit bisexual, can only hide in the corner of the society. That, of course, a big reason is caused by social pressure, society has not been widely accepted bisexual, but which also have bisexual own reason, only recognized themselves as bisexual, we could obtain others’ identity, we can go to love other girls. Bisexual girls, come on.

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