Bisexual group

In our life, most people think of heterosexuality is normal, they always think is strange lesbian or bisexual. In fact, now is still the mainstream of heterosexual society, whether it is a gay community, or bisexual group, is just a small part of most people is still straight, so everyone would think straight is correct, and the other sexual orientation is problematic.

Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, are the three main sexual orientation, and bisexual is also belong to a kind of homosexual and heterosexual sexual orientation, they are separated from each other. But in our life, and bisexual people are still part of heterosexual and homosexual discrimination. Bisexual people like men, and like women, a lot of people will think they are lack of specificity for emotion, actually this is just the bisexual one-sided view, to understand they are not real. Real bisexual, must not with two kinds of gender, they can get from any one gender. But these misunderstood for a long time didn’t get the right views, instead see bisexual as a bad sexual orientation.

In fact, with the progress of human civilization, in recent years, more and more bisexual friends out of the closet. And most bisexual people after coming out, to be able to get the approval and support of people around, in the lonely life in the corner. Anyway, the progress of social culture and played a large role, some bisexual around organization, some bisexual polygamy dating sites to help more and more bisexual people out of the woods. If you are a bisexual, remember, bisexual no problem, we are all normal.

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