Give bisexual more understanding and help

In human society, in addition to heterosexual and homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc. among them, the heterosexual is considered to be the mainstream of society. Although with the progress of human civilization, sexual orientation also became more open, but bi is still not accepted by all people, still have a lot of misunderstanding of bisexual. Bisexual population scale is smaller, but also need to constantly develop and perfect, at the same time I also hope everyone can view bisexual equality, treat these minority people, should be more understanding and help them, rather than misunderstanding and discrimination.

People will think bisexual no clear sexuality, sexual abuse, untrustworthy, impose their prejudice to bisexual in life. Of bisexual biggest misconception is that they don't specificity, they think that bisexual love men, and love women, they find it hard to couples keep their loyalty. In fact, there are a lot of bisexual, they are stable and loyalty in a relationship, does not need to open, and there are many bisexual singles. They can get from men or women alone, not as you think, “with man together of the time want to woman, the men and women together of the time want to”, this is just for bisexual people don’t understand.

Some people think that bisexuality as if is erotomania, whether men or women, whether single or married couple, to be able to have sex with them. Misunderstanding of bisexual for people not only comes from their emotions, including their sex. People the wrong thought, bisexual can have sex with anyone. Even some couples, they like to bisexual dating, they hope to find a bisexual sex together. Bi is not just to have sex, they have their own pursuit of life, has not always been around.

Still have a lot of problems about bisexuality, but I can directly tell you, “bisexual with all people, are equal”. Again, the bisexual people, should be more understanding and help, and should not be actually and misunderstanding.

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