I’m bisexual

I’m bisexual, this is not embarrassed. For sexual orientation, I am a pluralist, and universal dual society of misfits argument. I think that in this world, are in various states of any physical presence, including sexual orientation is heterosexual and same sex can coexist, and the product is bisexual, bisexual appear, just to confirm my View.

Heterosexual and homosexual, a pair of the most typical binary opposition, people love to argue for the opposition, also always think this kind of logic is the bridge of human progress. But that the so-called traditional consensus on social causes, those in the dualism of the middle position of fuzzy, such as bisexual people. Because under the claims of a black and white, is no middle position. Over time, these intermediate who thought began to polarization, either heterosexual or homosexual. But the differentiation is entirely the wrong direction, or because of social guidance error.

In the so-called civilized society, bisexuals is more a homosexual or heterosexual labels there, not the third TAB to choose from, “labeling theory”, once a person is a label, so he never don’t want to get rid of it. Labeling theory is a factor bisexual polarization, compared to the social external factors, it is more a own intrinsic factor. It was also because of this, for bisexual, troubling them is not only the lack of social status, and its future. They don’t know how to meet bisexual friends, also don’t know how to communicate with other bisexual.

A bisexual friend and I chat, watch out, he is typical of the kind of person, this feeling is more or less by social ethics, sexual orientation is blurry, slowly become overwhelmed in the feelings of both men and women. They don’t know how to have bisexual dating, can only say that this is belongs to bisexual sorrow.