Misconceptions about bisexual

Despite sexual culture is now open to many, but there are a lot of people think it is wrong to bisexual, they feel bisexual does not exist, or bisexual just a process, bisexual means greed. Even in the LGBT community, “B” also opposed by other gay groups, have to say that the world is cruel, bisexual people still have a long way to go. Misconceptions about bisexual, there are also a lot of, but I believe the bisexual friends won’t give up.

First you need to clear, bisexuality isn’t an option. As a bisexual people, not like men, like women, but that does not mean that we must also have a choice, when you need, you can be with a man together, can also be with a woman. Bisexual and not wrong, we are god’s pet, can with men, and can be with women. Even, if we like, also can go out to have bisexual dating.

Also has a lot of people think that bisexuality is greed, there is more than heterosexual group, to which also includes the gay community. Actually both straight and gay, they can only choose a gender as a partner, and bisexual people has two advantages. Bisexual life actually is no different, they also like dating, also like some bisexual polygamy dating sites looking for friends, but their range is more extensive, sometimes looking for a man, and sometimes looking for is a woman.

Bisexual doesn’t mean they like threesome. In our life, although there are a lot of bisexual couples, but also mutual respect between them, unless both sides of husband and wife agree, otherwise they won’t go looking for other sexual partners, also won’t meet bisexual friends go out, not all like threesome bisexual.

Should also keep in mind that bisexual orientation is never change. Many people mistakenly believe that, bisexual with the opposite sex will become straight, with gay will be gay, in fact, no matter how bisexual people’s life, will not change their sexual orientation.