Research for bisexual

Research for bisexual, started in recent years. Modern society’s understanding of bisexual still have limitations, there are a lot of people to bisexual misunderstandings, a large proportion of people don’t think bisexual is naturally formed. Sexuality is a part of us, some people will fear because their bisexual orientation, because straight is the mainstream of the social form, bisexual by them as a class. In fact, are just bisexual, not you this man, who is only affected by the bisexual.

Bisexual, it’s refers to a kind of social members of both sexes produces love or sexual impulse of sexual orientation. In a nutshell, is the men and women will be feeling. They may also become a partner relationship, with both sexes or become a partner with one of the gender. Many gay people would understand as the feeling of the homosexual or heterosexual, but can’t accept bisexual this sexual orientation, they think people can only choose one gender be partner, and choose two sex partners is not loyal.

There are a lot of people think that bisexuality is acquired, they are influenced by some bisexual culture, such as some bisexual polygamy dating sites, bisexual bar, etc, from the original heterosexual or homosexual, and became the bisexual. Here I can be responsible, sure to tell everyone, attracted to the kind of person, be attracted to a gender, are not themselves can control, sexual orientation is not changed, and also can’t choose our own, sexual orientation is innate reason formed completely, there is no influence the result of the day after tomorrow.

Bisexual sexual orientation that is under development, with the progress of human civilization, is bound to be unceasing development, just as previous gay. Bisexual people can also live a normal life, don’t have to hide their sexual orientation, come on, bisexual.

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