We originally should be bisexual

Today, I think, bisexual than anything else, it is more than one person to another person or personal love. Both spirit and the flesh combination, it is reasonable. As an organism, we originally should be bisexual, so-called “civilization” to transform us into heterosexual, but human nature doesn’t change after all, bisexual as the spark, growing up. The so-called “civilized” at the same time of mankind, also harm the human, the moral and ethical concept hindered the development of human nature.

Today’s gay bisexual like many years ago, only a handful of people concerned about bisexual. Although human mind has improved a lot, but bi is still discrimination by lots of people, even as far as we can see bisexual, mostly contain derogatory sense. For bisexual people, however, they have more need of some positive things, is something that can help them to live a normal life, such as bisexual groups, bisexual polygamy dating sites, bisexual activity and so on.

In my opinion, every one of us was born, should be bisexual, only by the culture transformation, makes us be heterosexual or homosexual. Therefore, human is the most real, most natural state should be bisexual, can be compatible with both sexes sexual orientation at the same time. Bi is a kind of state, a state of both men and women love, and straight and gay, bisexual and should be free and equal.

From the perspective of heterosexual, bisexual can keep good one-to-one relationship with the opposite sex. From the perspective of gay, bisexual, still can keep good relationship with other. But in fact, after the bisexual with two characteristics, it makes many heterosexual and homosexual are not satisfied, even excluded, maybe it is because under the influence of modern culture. We should give up all the debate about bisexual, everyone has the right to choose life and liberty, bisexual are people too, they can also choose to free life. Society should give bisexual people more support, and should not be fettered the growth of the bisexual.

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