How to keep a good bisexual relationship with partner

Bisexual people is always a special identity, many times we partner does not know the truth of our orientation, actually this is not good, we should not hide them. But we also hope to be able to maintain a good relationship, so we choose the wrong hidden bisexual orientation.

Anyway, for your partner frank, you are bisexual, it is no problem. The best state is, before you start a new relationship, is already out of the ark. In fact, both bisexual men, and bisexual women, honesty is very important. If you’ve been hiding your sexual orientation, one day your partner suddenly discovered, maybe your relationship will break. If you want to have bisexual unicorn dating, but you were afraid to tell them, so that you will be painful.

Make sure that your partner to respect your identity. Although the bisexual is no longer a secret now, but there is still a big part of person can’t accept our, you need to make sure your partner is what kind of person. You can try at home on some bisexual polygamy dating sites, find a partner, if he is against it, then he may find it difficult to accept bisexual. You can also try some other ways, such as direct communicate with your partner, understand his attitude to bisexual.

When your partner have some doubts about bisexual, serious answer his question. Up to now, there are a lot of people don’t know, bisexual, maybe your partner, too, must let them to bi have a clear understanding of, clear their misunderstanding of bisexual. If you want to keep an open relationship, it is necessary to clear with your partner. Or you can guide them on some bisexual women's forums, such as, know more bi content, so also can let them to have some knowledge of bisexual faster.