We are bisexual people

We are bisexual people, although bisexual hasn’t been all agree, but should not affect our life. Bisexual doesn’t mean that we are promiscuous, we treat every relationship is serious, whether the object is straight or gay, of course, does not rule out some bad bisexual people, but it doesn’t make all of our bisexual people pay, should not affect our whole life. I think a lot of bisexual unicorn friends all think so, strong some, we can stick to go on.

Actually, bisexual group also is in recent years to the emergence of the real in people’s field of vision. In before, and even many bisexual people themselves do not understand their sexual orientation, it also led to a lot of people don’t know, bisexual, has a lot of misunderstanding, on the bisexual and the bisexual people can’t explain clearly.

Bisexual refers to the people of both sexes can produce love psychology. That is to say, in the minds of bisexual people, don’t care about the difference between the straight and gay, they are acceptable, and it also can see that they are dating range is very wide. But this is only a surface phenomenon, may, in fact, not all the bisexual people are able to live a happy life, and even many bisexuals singles can’t find the right partner. This is also caused by social factors, not all people are willing to accept the bisexual. Many bisexuals singles only on bisexual threesome dating sites, quietly looking for partner or friend, they are not willing to disclose their bisexual.

So far, bisexual already exists in various places around the world, we are a whole. Of course, I also hope all bisexual are able to live a normal, happy life, not affected by others. For our bisexual people, also want to maintain a positive attitude, don’t cry because it is our bisexual identity and discouraged, brave go out to have bisexual unicorn dating, we all are the best.