How to tell your partner you are bisexual

Bi is a relatively special identity, your partner should be the most important person in your life, but for a lot of bisexual women's forum and bisexual men, they dare not tell their partner they are bisexual. In fact, this is indeed a very difficult thing, if frank tell you partner, he may not be willing to accept. But, your partner has the right to know your bisexual identity, so, when are you going to tell your partner before, must be prepared.

You need to agree with you first. Many bisexual people found out they were different, there will be a difficult time, this time maybe you don’t know how to face you, but you must believe that everything will be all right, you will meet a lot of bisexual friends, you also will live a happy life. When you adapt to your bisexual life after, you can try to tell your partner or the people around.

Ready for your thoughts, for your partner frank, clearly explain your situation. You need to tell your partner, bisexual, what that means for you maybe they don’t understand, so you need to explain to them; Why do you want to tell them; This will affect your relationship will produce what kind of; And whether your partner can accept open relationship; Maybe your partner believe your loyalty, will say to you understanding and support, and even agreed to go out to have bisexual dating.

If your partner doesn’t understand bisexual, you can try to let him touch some bisexual people, such as on some bi sexual dating sites, bisexual BBS, know something about bisexual. Can also take him to take part in some local bisexual community activities, let they can better integrate bi group, it will help him to accept bisexual, also can better understand and adapt to your life.

Finally, you need to give him some time. Not everyone can accept immediately, most couples are need some time to slowly understanding. So, you need to wait patiently, when your partner after accept your bisexual identity, relationship to you also can have a big boost.