The Differences between bisexual woman and bisexual man

In accordance with the most updated statics, conducted by some university students who concerned about the differences between bisexual woman and bisexual man and did a survey on over 3000 university students, the differences between bisexual woman and bisexual man are as following: the attitude, the dating ways and the lifestyles. In most universities, students know much more about bisexual than we want. After the survey, one student said, if he had not paid enough attention on their gender-bending, they (he and his lovers) would not have enjoyed such wonderful.

The first on is the attitude. According to the survey, about 44% women can bravely admit and open their secrets to their family and friend, and only about 16% women don’t want to tell anyone for they think people would discriminate them. On the contrary, the men seems to be shy, nearly 74% young guys choose to keep their secrets in mind. At the same time, for most bisexual women, their male and female lovers are important to them, no less than sunshine is important to plants. So these bisexual women are more care about their lovers and can give more comfort to their lovers.

The second one is the bisexual dating way. As we all know that bisexual women are more easily to open their gender choosing to people. So when the bisexual people are dating, the way for bisexual women usually is shopping, living and staying together. To most people, it’s not weird that two girls are together for a long time, however, when two young men stayed together for a long time, the gossip will spread throughout the street. Therefore, a lot of bisexual men choose to “love underground”.

The last one is their lifestyle. Bisexual women live together with some rational reasons, so they can affectionate boldly, and some of them may live together – the bisexual woman with one husband and a wife. Sounding like a funny thing. But that’s the lifestyle of bisexual women. But, to bisexual wen, their life looks dull and bored, even unhappy. Because when a man owns a wife and a husband at the same time, the biggest reason is that the man has an unpleasant life.