As a bisexual

As a bisexual, it is not a problem, but tended to show human sexual difference, gender and sex way too difficult to categorize the state, in the face of bisexual friends, I think need not anxiety in her may change, but to know her change course, as well as the relationship with the situation, also can through this kind of situation is very different from our own, to deepen the understanding of the world. Love is always changing, pure homosexual or heterosexual will still face the change, this is the love and the impermanence of life, in general, bisexual will finally turn heterosexual marriage, represents only to bisexual we are in a full of prejudice, not friendly, not everyone have the courage to choose a tough road, even not everyone have the ability to select really thought about life. In fact, the choice of heterosexual marriage gay may have more.

I think when you fall in love with a bisexual, to communicate with each other what to do when in love, it is a recognition, based on the freedom of the will of be in love, two people are willing to admit as much as possible, sincere treatment of each other's relations, in the relationship, to help both sides understand each other, love is really important is not permanent, but in the long or short time, if you can not selfish, can be open to each other, as much as possible into each other’s inner world, and work together to expand each other's field of vision, to assist the love for each other grow. What is for this reason, sexual orientation is not important, important is love, bosom friend, mutual understanding, mutual respect, the last if not colleagues together, also not overthrow the past good, learning break up rationally, good processing.

As bisexual people, don't inferiority, self doubt, even solve this self escape, be yourself and find yourself and shape the self is a long road, serious face up to change about yourself, and these changes will bring you the message, both sexes are favorite people, doesn't mean we can wander at both ends, disoriented, as far as possible let oneself in every relationship, seriously study, reflection, and sincerely to face this relationship now brings us inspiration. Bisexual is just a kind of our identity, is not bound, nor should become a stigma, or give up self, more should not be obsessed with bi sexuality dating sites.Whatever sexuality, sexual selection, today's gender relation with love, we are faced with, and saw a unprecedented pluralism rich and difficult to completely define, this is to let us through a more open mind, to really accept others different from ours, and through the difference, to appreciate the possibility of a person, as well as a broader field of vision.